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Chaps Pit Beef: Home to One of Baltimore’s Best Beef Sandwiches


Chaps Pit Beef just debuted a new location in Glen Burnie, and its staff is slinging the same delicious pit beef sandwiches that have customers hooked at its sister restaurants. Billed as the “best in Baltimore,” the beef sandwich is available for takeout or sit-down dining. Either way, you’ll order and retrieve your food from the fast-casual service counter.

The beef sandwiches aren’t your only option! You can also order a sandwich stuffed with homemade barbecue pork, sausage, or turkey. The staff stacks specialty sandwiches with different combinations, too, such as beef, sausage, and cheese (the Bull Dog) or corned beef, turkey, and sausage (the Bob). Feel free to skip the bread and enjoy a barbecue platter with fries and grave instead, or just pick up some pork ribs or chicken to take home with a salad or chili on the side.