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Get Your Exercise at ClimbZone of White Marsh


It can be hard to peel yourself—or your kids—away from screens to get your exercise, but being active doesn’t feel like a chore at ClimbZone of White Marsh. That’s all thanks to the artists behind its climbing walls. They create colorful vertical scenes that are also climbable, from a rocket ship to Big Ben.

Bring your little ones along for an afternoon of active fun at Climb Zone. Once you learn the basics of climbing, which is as simple as clipping in your harness securely, you can start to scale a giant knight’s coat of armor or a wall covered with colorful doughnuts. Make believe you’re a firefighter climbing a ladder toward a burning building or reach the handheld torch of the Statue of Liberty. These are just a few of the vibrant climbing walls that await you at ClimbZone of White Marsh.