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Seize The Day By Getting More Out Of Your Nights


If you’re feeling unproductive at work or at home, it may be because you aren’t getting a good night of sleep. How well you sleep affects how well you perform during the day, but it can be difficult to improve your sleep routine without a little guidance. Here are some smart, simple tips for building a better nighttime routine. 

Eat dinner earlier. It may seem simple, but changing the time that you eat your last meal of the day can help you fall asleep easier. Digesting your food earlier will help your body naturally fall asleep, and even the simple act of shifting your routine to earlier hours will allow for sleep to come more quickly. 

Set a bedtime. When was the last time you had a true bedtime? By setting a realistic bedtime goal that you shoot for every night instead of just falling asleep when you feel tired, you’ll create a natural, internal sleep schedule. 

Use an app. There are many apps available for improving your quality of sleep. Headspace is a great mediation app that will help to clear your mind and prepare for sleep, while apps like Sleep Cycle track and analyze your sleep patterns. There are also many white noise apps that can provide background music or sounds for sleep if you’re the type of person who has a hard time sleeping in silence. 

Stop scrolling. One of the biggest culprits in diminishing your sleep quality is your smartphone. Retire your phone at least an hour before bed in order to relax your brain into sleep mode. 

Read yourself to sleep. Instead of watching TV or scrolling on your phone before bed, go old school and read an interesting book. You might even start to develop a healthy and stimulating reading habit! 

Skip the nightcap. While many people think that having an alcoholic drink before bed is a good way to promote sleep, it often does just the opposite. Instead, drink a decaffeinated tea or a glass of water.